Hey, I just got a new bass with active electronics, and Im wondering how to get certain tones. For one, I cant get the "standard" bass sound... you know, that regular, thumping, mellow bass tone? Try stuff from the Beatles or Pink Floyd, beautiful tone. I can find it with no problem on my (passive) P bass knockoff, but not with these active electronics. Also, is there a certain setting to get a nice slap/pop tone? It always sounds like Im missing something when I try it.

Oh yes, and does anyone know the "trick" to working with active bass pickups? Like, how do I STOP making it sound all buzzy and crappy? It sounds as though its clipping out (creating the buzzing/farting noise) but the CLIP light on my amp isnt flashing, so I have no idea what the problem. Lowering the volume doesnt help either. Anyway, thanks for reading guys,

The first problem is because the sound in your head is the sound of a passive Fender. There's little you can do if you want a different sound to the sound of the equipment you have. However you can always adjust EQ to get closer to what you want.

Secondly it could be that the battery needs changing in your new bass. Do that and see if it sounds better, and remember to unplug the cable when you're not playing to save battery.
Make sure your plugged into an active input. When I plug into a passive output with my active it likes to pop and cut out, but it'll sound insanely loud because of the high output on the pickups. If you have a small practice amp it may not have an active input.
First, I'm %90 sure that your problem is the fact that you need to replace the battery. All actives buzz, hiss, and cut out when the battery is low. Second, I agree with smb. What you have in your mind is the classic Fender tone. You have a bass (it would be VERY helpful to know which one) that is clearly not a classic Fender bass. To get as classic of a tone as possible, I like to a) pull the volume knob and go into passive mode or, if that's not an option, b) cut the mids just a touch, and boost the bass. I find the frequency's around 350-650Hz or so, are all the modern frequency's. Those are your low mids, and depending on where you mid knob on your bass is set at, could be that knobs. Even if your bass knob isn't set there I bet if you have a half decent amp, that band will be there somewhere. I also think that around the 80Hz of the low knob, adds the mellowness you're looking for. At least on my bass/amp.
hey, thanks for all the replies guys. I just ran to the store right now to get some new batteries, and it does sound a lot better than before, with a lot less hissing and buzzing. However, Im pretty sure theres something loose inside my cab (theres a physical rattle going on somewhere in there, like a screw loose, but thats another issue) Anyway, if it helps, my bass is a Schecter Omen 4, which is quite a bit different than a P bass, I know, but Im saving up for a Fender of my own. Im pretty sure my amp supports active input, its a GK Backline 250BL. I tried the tone settings that were suggested, and it got me CLOSER to the Fender tone, but not too dead-on. Im also having a problem with managing the volume; I want to bring the volume to a gig-able level, but everytime I try to raise it above bedroom level, I get the same horrible fuzzy sound that I did before. I keep the BOOST and the LEVEL controls at pretty much minimum setting, because any higher and the same thing happens. Any suggestions from a seasoned active-bass player? Thanks
Well, with a Schecter you will not get a Fender sound. End of, stop trying, it's impossible. As for the cutting out, is there an active/passive setting on your amp or a separate input for an active bass? What this does is cuts about 15dB of sound and allows for some headroom from your amp while being at a similar level as with a passive bass, without cutting.
oh yeah, well I suppose there is something like that on my amp. Theres actaually a "-10 dB" button, thats usually always on, cause when I turn it off the whole signal turns to distorted mush, it seems. Anyway, thanks for all your help guys. Today's lesson: buy the Fender name for the Fender tone.