I am currently using a marshall avt50 combo amp. The amp is great but the distortion and metal tone im lookin for just isnt cutting it with this amp. Im looking to buy like a peavey 6505 amp head or something. Can I use this amp head on my AVT50's speaker? Is the AVT50's speaker good enough to use with the 6505 amp head?
you are better off getting a lot better speaker....try looking up avatar cabs....very cheap and you can get just about any speaker you want, and they sound fantastic
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im trying to save money by using my current amps speaker, if i just practice by myself, occassionaly with another guitar, will my speaker connect to the 6505 amp head without any problem? i am just looking for a good sounding tone.
Check the wattage on the speaker, to see if it will keep up to the 100 watts? that the 6505 can put out. As long as the wattage rating is high enough, the speaker SHOULD work, although it may not sound very good (I don't know what kind of speaker is in the AVT50).
Make sure to match those ohms and you can get by alright. Deficiencies in speakers show up in two ways: lack of tonal response, or "farting out" at high volumes. You can probably make up for these by eq and just watching the volume until you get a better cab. Push it and see what she'll do.
You could, but it wouldn't sound as good as a good speaker cab.

If you're interested though, I have a 5150 (same as the 6505) combo for sale, has the speakers in it so then you don't really need the cab. Granted, they're not the best speakers, but they do fine since they're already broken in.

But if you really must have the head, avatar does make a good cheap cab.
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