Ive heard alot of good things about this amp, especially how it is considered one of the best metal amps. I am wondering how are its cleans. If anyone knows that would be very helpful.
Cleans are decent. Its cheap enough to where you can pick one up on ebay, try it out, and sell it for no loss or maybe a gain.

As for being the best metal amp, thats obviously opinion. Probably best high gain SS amp imo, great for when you need a really tight sound with tons of gain.
Most people like it for death metal.
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Alright, so the cleans are ok. Im kind of new, and sometimes I play metal, but sometimes I like to play with good cleans, but i really like this amp. my other question is there some type of pedal I can use to enhance the cleans on this amp. I don't know if this is what an equalizer does, or is there something else? thanks for your help, also.