Howdy everyone, I'm trying to tune to drop d with a boss tu-2 pedal tuner. I have it tuned to standard, but when I drop the low E string to D, it sounds too low- even though it checks as tuned. I know how to tune to drop d using natural harmonics, but my ears are still fairly untrained to tuning accurately without a tuner, so I figured I could tune it more preciesly with the boss. Just in case this information is needed, I tune from the bridge pickup, and have the tuner plugged to an adapter as to not run on the battery. It tunes to standard great, but I'd appreciate a little advice on this. Thank you in advance for any reply...
Sound the 7th fret on the 6th string and make it match the 5th string, or A string. You could also sound the 12th fret on the 6th string and match it to the 4th string, or D string
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