here are some songs from my band that doesn't exist anymore, but i still think are worthwhile.

this first one might be offensive. but does anyone honestly care?

We put all of our babies in a blender
and force our members to surrender
to the almighty power of God
and slaughter all who worship the sod
But don't be afraid of the church

We enforce the unsaid:
Thou Shalt Not Think
and fail to reveal any read link
To Jesus or his friends, you heretic
your lack of faith here is found sick

so come on and join your local church

(what happened to the chorus? i have no idea...)

my guitarist and i were buzzed on 'herbal' tea when we wrote this... imagine that...

Utopia (Think drug-induced Cobain style songwriting)

Somewhere in the depths of a dark lagoon
theres a place where it's always high noon
everybody's happy, and nobody's sad
no one's ever angry and nobody's mad

Utopia, yeah (repeat)

Sometimes they listen to the Beatles
Sometimes the play Nirvana
Sometimes they're drinkin Mate`
Sometimes they drink Marijuana
All i know is I wanna go back
I wanna go back right now

Utopia, yeah (repeat)

lalala, lalalala, lalala, lalalala etc build up, crash cymbols and powerchords fade out

^ that was supposed to be very grunge, and church was SUPPOSED to be a little more alternative/foo fighters esque

let me know what you think

Yeah. The rumors are true. I'm a twat.
I like them both. The Lagoon-noon rhyme was good!
Good work!

Could you check out mine. Its called "Each Other"
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they suck

all the words suck

i hate words

you bloody cup of jell-o

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i need some of that herbal tea cuz i cant write ****.. but they were good i lilked the church one more cuz i am atheist and i think of tht stuff all the time
good stuff, i agree with the church thing, down with spoon fed nonsense!