I mentioned before that I wanted to get a brand-new Telecaster. I’ve narrowed my choice down to these two:

Squier Tele Special

Fender '72 Deluxe Telecaster Reissue

The first one costs $200 USD and the second one costs $700 USD. Now, which model would you rather own?

Try to base your decision on looks, functionality, and affordability.

I need your opinions because I’ve decided against buying the Avril Lavigne Telecaster and the Deryck Whibley Telecaster. I’ll just turn off the neck humbucker and stick with the bridge one.

What do you guys think?
The 72 Deluxe I've played both and the Fender rox sox off
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It's pretty different from a REAL Tele. Look at that headstock on the '72, and what's up with all these buckers? A real Tele has singles. But whatever, if you've tried it and like it, then who am I to say...
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yeah both are quite different from the real ones with single coil pups, different bridge, and different headstock and knobs (for the 72 deluxe)

so if you want a real classic tele dont get either, but of the two definitely the 72 deluxe
72 reissue def. it owns the other
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I'd scrap both ideas and buy a Tele that sounds like a Tele. Both of those guitars are only (vaguely) Tele shaped. May as well buy any old Fat Strat knockoff for the sound they'll give you.
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