so right now i have a nano, i want to get an iPod touch for Christmas.
so now the problem.
my computer crashed a while back and i lost more than half of my music.
is there a way that i can copy the music on my current iPod onto my computer so i can put it on the one i am going to get for christmas?
search for iDump on google. Its a program that will let you do that.
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i forgot what it was tho, it made it so you had a usb thing that connected two ipods together..... i think ......... and sync their music together
Plug the ipod into your computer. Go to start, go to my computer, open up the iPod. Make sure your folder settings for windows is set to "Show hidden folders." Go to the music folder and you can copy paste it to the computer. The problem is, you'll have to rename all your songs again because the iPod gives them names like QRXS.m4a
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so i was just messing around in iTunes and i saw that i could consolidate my library. could i do that from my ipod and copy the music to my computer?
i dont want to try unless i know because it says 'cannot be redone'
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No, not if it got erased off your itunes. And the ipod touches are awful.

Wrong. There are programs that can take music off of an ipod I have one called ipoddisk.
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