Pain Killers is def the best, like a cage close behind cause thats a great riff. Pain Killers needs some dino uniquely sung lyrics to make that song sound 100% unique tho. The other two are sorta repetive without lyrics so I'm not a fan. Good job dude!
^ hey thanks man. yeah i wasn't sure whether or not i should pur lyrics over painkillers... ive sorta fallen in love with the song the way it is... but your right.. good lyrics wud make it more unique. ill think that over, you got any songs for me to crit?
Im amature when it comes to recordings, im just starten to get into that. I have a few new riffs iv come up with for new songs but they havnt progressed more then 60 seconds. I normaly write the song as i write lyric tho so im impressed that you have done the whole song out before hand. Lyrics change the song so much so I normaly take it to whats do able for my voice and sounds good. If you wanna crit the ones in my profile you can but they are the first recordings iv done just messing around with how stuff sounds and crappy recording quality so I dont expect much praise.
Hey, ive only got time to check out painkillers right now. So far i like it, kinda mellow, but a wake-me-up intro. Great intro solo, i really like the tone and the feel of it. I like the effect there, somehwat a delay or alot of reverb? Its a little repetetive for my taste, but here comes another solo. Great guitar work. Overall good job on this one. I will come back and listen to your others when i get a chance. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=716632
If you want to jam in/around Mooresville NC message me.
^^ hey thanks a lot for the crit. i've gotta go to work right now.. but when i get back tonight ill give ur tracks a listen for sure. and same to u crashton
812many i fiinnalllyy gave urs a listen. crit is posted on ur thread.

crashton i listened to some of the ones in ur profile, and im pretty impressed. for an amateur you got some good stuff goin on. im interested to see how your work progresses.. so keep in touch bro