Well I really don't have many but my band have gigs coming up and it seems to be getting going for us so I was thinking about broadening my sound. Atm I play blues and (mainly) fast metal/shred whatever you want to call it. With this in mind I am getting a few pedals for Christmas, maximum I think around 250 quid, my family refused to sanction money for a new amp, or new pickups so basically I have to get pedals or get NOTHING that would interest me for Christmas.

Which pedals basically are ESSENTIAL or very important, and which ones are pointless or worth getting later on?

I take it a good distortion pedal is a must, but would I need to bring an EQ and a compressor into the line for example?
You don't need a distortion pedal if your amps is good for you!

That being said, a compressor is always a good idea, look into delay, chorus, and reverb (if your amp doesn't have it)
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id say delay its a must... i find it to be the most versatile effect
Delay is one of those things that COULD be awesome, but I can't really get a feel for it in a guitar shop, if I had one for weeks I'm sure I could really get mileage out of it so I'll consider that

Just recalling when I popped in to a guitar shop and was testing out some new pedal they got in, messing around with the feedback levels on it and it just went into this incredibly loud noise which I tried desperately to stop. Needless to say they weren't best pleased when I didn't fork out the cash
Get a wah. I'm fairly certain I'm getting one for Christmas and it'll probably be the only pedal I use. (right now I plug straight into the amp) Or if you're into crazy-sounding stuff look into a digitech whammy. Also, if you're going to be gigging, get a pedal tuner. That way you can re-tune in a pinch onstage if you need to.
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A basic kit in order of importance (my opinion): reverb (if your amp is without) wah, distortion, phaser/flanger, eq