when i play the frets 3 then 6 on the A string then move down to playing 3 and 5 on the D. my pinky immediately retracts and pulls into a passive curled state on my then i have to pull it back up to grab the next note.. whats up with this really?
Yes, mine did this too when I first started. Build your strength with chromatics. It helped me. You can try to play without it (lots do) but you will one day realize it's bad form and you need it.

its natural reflex, you have to train your pinky to do what you want it to do. its all just in the practicing =D
yes i need to rehabilitate my left hand. When i bend my pinky - my ring finger wants to go with it...does not stay straight. Any way of working on this?

How does your pinky react now when you play?
If I were you, I'd try doing chromatics ( play frets 1-2-3-4 on the E string, move down a string , etc) and relax as much as you can so that there's hardly any muscle tension. Have your fingers strictly about 1-2 cm above each string while doing this exercise and go reeally slowly and preferably play to a metronome at a slow tempo. When doing this try to keep your fingers realxed so that that when you fret a note the inactive fingers just stay where they are rather than curling up or having your pinky fly 3 inches above the fretboard, keeping them at about 1 cm from the strings. If you do this right really slowly, your muscle memory will build up according to how you've been practicing this and your fingers should from then on easily float above the string without curling or whatever. Keep in mind there should be no tension in your hand.
What I used to do to practice finger independance is spread out your left and on a table as much as you can. So much that it almost hurts. Then start with your index finger and lift it up slowly as high as possible without your other fingers moving. Continue the routine with all your other fingers. Continue until your hand stars cramping. It worked for me.
nice technique with the hand...i can barely get my ring finger off the ground with out having one of my other fingers raise up/ un-flatten. i will practice
1-2-3-4 chromatics is the key.my pinky use to fly away from the fretboard whenever i push down on my middle finger.what i did was just play very slowly,like 150bpm quarter notes until.do it as fast as you can while having full control over all your fingers.make sure your fingers are very relaxed while your doing this.do this for a while and when you can do it comfortably without having to think about keeping your fingers where it's suppose to be,it's will be easy to speed up from there
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