(assuming im in the right forum here...)

hey all,
my sound is perfect, its just how i want it to be.... but! when it comes to recording the wav.s i produce have a problem. when i hit the higher notes in a solo they really hurt to listen to, like a trebly piercing noise. i dont think i have this problem when im just playing, but on recordings it really stands out.

so! simply - what can i do to remedy this? is it a question of finding something on the recording gear (i use a Tascam USB somethingorather and Cubase software). ive discovered the equalisers and fx **** on the programme, but this seems to have no effect on the problem in question.

so! help :P for some reason something in the back of my mind is saying "compressor" to me, but i dunno why...

cheers for your time.
How 'bout you tell us what you're using to record with first...are you mic'ing your amp or is the guitar DI'd? There's about a million different things which could affect the tone....
Comp will help but we need to know what you're recording with. If its a condenser mic you'll need to turn your amp down, they can do that and it does hurt.

Edit; Sorry i didnt read that 2nd reply. I don't have any experience with tascam so i cant help. But i know on cubase theres something that gets rid of noisy guitars... but its been so long since ive used it i cant remember how. Sorry.
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^ how'd you figure that? i use the line out from the amp thats intended for recording.

theres a light on the interface that tells me when im going too loud... it always stays green, i make very sure not to let it go red, i learnt that the hard way when recording bass lines. therefore, i dont think it can be the volume im recording at.

(i will try a mic'd recording tomorrow... but im gonna go sleep now)
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