I'm not sure what to do, but some guy with the username of Clark44 (last comment on my profile) hacked my account, I changed my password, but I don't really want him changing anymore stuff, I'm on dial up right now so my connection is to slow to change my stuff, the reason I'm pretty sure it's him is because I have never seen or talked to him b4, and he just randomly left a comment asking, "what's wrong with ur profile?" and I'[m sure it's none of my friends because I've never logged on anywhere except my house.
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Kick his ass.

I'm not really mad about it, I just don't really want my profile getting messed with or someone posting stupid stuff and getting me banned.
Lol, why would you waste your time hacking a account of a guitar website that no more than 1/90000 of the population knows about when you could put it into something constructive, like a bank account. Whatever happened to the good ol' days?
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Tool, anyone?
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I jsut added him as a friend, as soon as he accpets, I will flood him with goatse!!!!!




same thing happened to me, too
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no ****in way!
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I hate my fucking username.
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PM a mod.

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"what's wrong with ur profile?"
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holy **** awesome win right there

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okay so basically f-inghostile is lying, i have known him for many years,we go to the same school...... we are friends...... and yes i did change his profile while we were at our friends house