Its a silver Korg GA 30, it usually only picks up abour 2-3 of my strings, the rest i just cant tune at all.... Ive broken two high e strings bc the tuner read 4A or something.. ive tried to replace batteries, didnt do anything. (I just replaced my guitar strings in my acoustic and electric and they wont tune) so im frustrated.
make sure your volume is up, because some people are smart like that
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Hmmm, I'm sure you aren't dumb enough to not check if it's on bass or guitar. Yeah the HHZ is the only problem I can see. If your guitar plays fine through an amp, it isn't your pick-ups. Check the cable (if your using one). But, HHZ sounds like the only reasonable thing.
get that solver little korg tuner, the GA-15 i think? its only 10 or 15$ dollars and works, what else do you need?
Get a boss chromatic tuner. I forget the model number, but its the white stompbox one with like 12 leds or something. It's good. It's what i use.
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You could also be the reason... well since your breaking the strings i suggest you tune it down instead of up... the tunning go in this order for any string A, B, C, D, E, F, G.... Hope that solves your problem and you won't break anymore strings.