I've been looking into getting some kind of home recording system (I have about 200$ CDN), and it seems that the only thing I would be able to afford would be some kind of a 4-track casette recorder. Basically, I was just wondering what the quality of these are, and what ones are the best value for the money? Also, can you run your guitar through effects pedals and into the recorder? or do you have to buy one that has built in effects?
I wouldnt bother with buying a cassette 4 track...they were good 20 years ago however digital is the way to go because then you can share your music online.

Also you could look at a few of the canadian websites I buy from...they have some really good deals and free shipping over $199

La music...its a little tough to navigate however most times i just use search...type in like boss,fostex,korg ect...if you are looking for guitars or something type in gibson epiphone or whatever you wat to look for...its better to search on this site.

Also check out axe music which can have lower prices most times however dont always provide as many choices as LA Muisc.

I just ordered 2 MXR pedals form Axe and some cables and stuff...Ive also bought a keyboard and a recording interface while back...fast delivery and free shipping over $199...also got a free canadians kick axe T shirt.

I bought a Korg D4 4 track digital recorder from LA music...cost around $400...Ive since upgraded and am now selling it...I would sell for half price...$200...unit is only like 4 or 5 months old.

here is D4 at La Music

Here is the one im selling...im a trusted ebay buyer and seller so you can trust me...i dont rip people off and everything sent through the mail gets insurance.
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