well i envy u . nice buy ^^ not a bad price either!
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if that is bought from an individual seller, i think the trem was added b/c it looks like thw 200$ dean V w/ a FR added on. but yea, id guess its a nice guitar
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*shrugs* im not a fan of deans
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Seems nice to me
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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

You're welcome
Looks are one thing, the way it feels and sounds are more important.

I have an old Aria Gibson 335 copy, doesn't look the best but the action and frets are perfect and the sound is huge. I was going to buy a Ernie Ball/Music Man LUKE guitar many years ago but it didn't feel nice, so I didnt' get it.
like my name implys i like deans,but the x series is good i really can't find any flaws with em
that looks really cool. more of an original feel and a good price.
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how much did you get it for? The auction has ended so it doesn't say anymore.

Nice guitar, too.
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how much did you get it for? The auction has ended so it doesn't say anymore.

Nice guitar, too.

400 canadian and thats with tax and shipping
thats sweet, awesome deal too well good playing when it comes
three years
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