I trying to start getting more into songwriting since I just formed a band with some of my friends and I was wondering if it is a bad idea to use the same chords in both the verse and the chorus if they are ina different order?

For example:
The chords for verse of the song that I am writing are C G Am7 F and the chords for the chorus are F C G Am7

Would it be a bad idea to do this i.e. sounding too bland? And if so would adding a bridge between the two help. That is what I have been trying do but don't quite know what chords to use. Thaks for any help.
does this not count as songwriting? I was under the impression that it did. If not then it is my mistake.
Nope. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact most bands not only use the same chords, but in the same order. There's no standard formula for songwriting. Just whatever you think sounds good.

But yeah this is probably the wrong forum.
Pleas use the techniques forum, but make sure you give the rules the once over before you do.
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