Anyone ever heard of these guys? They're pretty obscure, really far out. They're vall instrumentals basically. My friend saw them on Friday and said they were really chill. He talked with them nad everything. He sent me their first CD and I like what I've heard.

Anyone heard of them?
Do you like anime/manga?
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they are great ive seen them live a few time
there live show shoulds a lot heavyier then there records
Very cool stuff. Their spot on instrumentation and ambient contrasts make for very cool listening.
I saw them for the second time just a few months ago. I don't really like the live vocals as much as the recordings, which I don't like as much as the older stuff.

Still, a very good band.
I just saw them again last night. Couldn't really hear the vocals very well (which is good cause I didn't want to). Their instrumental stuff is soooo good. And now I have to go buy a Super Shifter.