i play everything from metal to punk, country to jazz, and screamo to blues. and i really like the synster custom but i like the jackson sl2h to. which one should i get?
i like the custom and ive never played the soloist but as far as i know, those are pretty much metal only guitars.... u mite wanna try out sumthing that cn play more of what u play. but thats just my opinion.
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The SL2 eats any Schecter for breakfast, but these two aren't exactly in the same price category, are they?
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The SL2 eats any Schecter for breakfast

Aye, nevermind the custom for such a bland guitarist.
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The SL2 is probably gonna be a bit more versatile. Either way, I would go with the SL2 just because A: it's a Jackson and B: it doesn't have SYN or the A7X deathbat as the inlays. I wouldn't be able to stand that.
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the invaders in the syn custom are only really good for metal and rock. If you play jazz, blues or country, or anything other than rock and metal for that mattter, the SL2H would be a better buy. If need be, get a push-pull or a push-push coil split for one of the humbuckers if they're not clean or snappy enough for those other styles. Definitely a better investment than the syn guitar.
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the SL2H is well worth the money. It destroys the the Syn Custom and then eats whats left. Be sure to try before you buy though, as Jackson QC leaves something to be desired.