So the 16th saw the release of two or three of the most eagerly awaited games of the year: Crysis, Assassins Creed and Mario Galaxies. (Crysis and Assassins Creed are exceptionally good games and i suggest you pick them up, Mario: i haven't had chance to play yet.)

But soon the 23rd will be here, the next large release date, granting us Brits access to:

    Anyways, as you can see, there's a shedload of games heading our way, and i was just wondering if anyone is as excited as i am and will they be getting their games on the day?
    UT3, fuck yeah.

    That's all I'm looking forward to. My college work is going to suffer a lot when that comes out.

    All the awesome games have been this year, but what a great time it's been over this summer, and especially just recently. Starting with the Orange Box, through Crysis and COD4, PC GoW, and finally UT3.... If you're a SHOOTAN fan like me, it's been great.
    Meh, I personally think the PS3 line-up is pretty weak, its got a few decent games, but none that really shine IMO, thats the reason im waiting to buy the ps3 until march time, it'll be cheaper and better games at the time.
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    PS3 line-up

    Hah, PS3 line up. Good one.

    It's a shame, the PS3 could be great, but it won't until more companies make exclusive titles, which won't happen if it continues to sell badly. It's a downward cycle.

    Until then it's stuck with 360 ports, basically; the super pwn Blu-Ray is wasted because all the games are DVD size so they can be released on Xbox as well. Plus it's apparently hard to develop for, so all the PS3 games look like **** compared to Xbox

    It does not make me happy. At least 1/3 PS3s don't die
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    Pretty sure you mean 'Upcoming' games.
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    Assassin's Creed does look pretty awesome, but I'm not buying a PS3. I haven't played any games for ages.
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