Poll: Best NIN halo?
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Pretty Hate Machine
0 0%
0 0%
The Downward Spiral
3 33%
Further Down the Spiral
0 0%
The Fragile
3 33%
And All That Could Have Been (Live)
0 0%
With Teeth
1 11%
Beside You In Time
0 0%
Year Zero
2 22%
0 0%
Voters: 9.
In your opinion, what is the best halo Mr. Reznor has done?

I'm an avid NIN fan, and I appreciate all of his albums and the different themes and styles they take on, but I believe The Downward Spiral is probably my favorite.

NOTICE the thread title is "halo," not "album." This means you may include any of his singles, remix albums, the "AATCHB" live album and the "BYIT" DVD.