i have a Crate Gs-412r cab and it has a blown speaker in it and i need to replace it i want to keep all the speakers the same but i can't find a replacement for it any suggestions
ummm an ass load of duct tape? might work as a temporary solution.. it's held my old speakers together for a few months.
i got electric tape i can't see how it sounds yet because i had to have the input deviced fixed because the tip of a cable broke off in it.
it also has this on the back of the speaker

any clues where i could get one??
You can't fix a speaker with tape... How many Ohms resistance is the cab rated for? I'm going to say for, with the speaker its self rated at 16 judging by the 16 in the model. As for getting another, contact crate or search ebay.
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it's 16 ohms

I would suggest if you can't find one on ebay, looking into replacing one of the others. Its not good to replace just one as it can sound off balanced. But again, I would contact Crate first and see what they advise. If you can't get one from them or ebay, I would look into some budget speakers, like Electro Harmonix.
if i had the money right now i'd just but celestions vintage 30's in it suggest any others for a good hardcore metal sound