All right, I understand that their distortion/overdrives aren't very good.
BUT... Could one of their EQ's or Noise supressors do the job right without dragging down my rig? I have to be frugal when i'm arranging my pedal board. And i'm going to have a reasonably noisy OD pedal in it (DOD YJM308), so a noise supressor is a must. And an EQ would be nice to add some different tones to my rig.
So basically i'm asking... Is it ok to cheap out on an EQ/Noise Supressor? I actually may end up getting the Fish&Chips instead of the Behringer EQ. But... Opinions?
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i have a behringer wah, it works ok... i would suggest the fish and chips... danelectro is a better value... im going to get the f&c when i get 30 spare bucks.
The fish and chips is said to be very good for the price.
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i have the behringer EQ. its ok. it seems a tad noisy itself.. but i can't complain for $30
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