I'm Looking to put new pickups into my guitar but i don't know too much about pickups in general. I play a Yamaha Pacifica Deluxe it currently has its stock 2 single coil pickups and one humbucking pickup and I play rock/ alternative rock styles i need some good suggestions for pickups to get
Get a better amp and improve your playing. You'll see better tone gains there over any pickup.
well im actually looking for a new amp currently because my little 15w crate isnt cutting it anymore im actually looking at a marshall mg250 that i found used at guitar center. and as well as working on my playing but i was still thinking about upgrading my pickups but i'll wait till i get my amp and see what that does

Trust me, you'll regret it. Dont get a line 6 spider either, both of these amps are expensive disappointments.

Depending on the tone you're looking for i would go for a VOX or a Roland Cube
Go for the Valvetronix - the 30w model will do you fine. After a few years you could upgrade to a small tube combo or something similar and you'll be sweet.
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Upgrading pickups won't make a blind bit of difference, it'd just be an expensive mistake. Do some research and save up for an amp that suits your style....which won't be a Marshall MG, btw.
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