Anyone here interested in starting just an online band or anything? Around here there really isn't anyone who matches what I want to do. So I figured I would bring it to you. Start an online band, you can be in another band just call it a side project or whatever. We will just need someone to mix all the parts and recordings together.

Just a thought, I was looking for a alternative rock, punk type of feel. A drummer, bass, lead guitar, and maybe another. Who knows, anyone just wants to create good music holler at me.
what do u mean an online band do you mean just do everything from your own home and things like that?
i can be guitarist?
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Is there some sort of band reference you can give us for the sound of the band? I might be interested but only if you're thinking of the right kind of music.
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i can do guitar. lead, rythym, whatever. i have two multi-effects pedals and decent recording software. we make our own music or we cover?
can do lead/rythm. An exact stlye of music your looking for would help