So far, Ive learned the major(somewhat) and minor pentatonic scale, the blues scale and basic chords such as E,Em, A, C, G and D. Im also in the process of memorizing the circle of fifths and understand theory for the most part up till here.

I was wondering, where exactly should I go from here? I dont care if I cant play songs right away, I really want to get a good basis down.

Cheers again.
I think you should be learning to play some easy songs, because you put what you've learned into practice, having fun, and getting better at the same time. It helps you get a good basis down, imo.
Yeah take some time to pick your favourite songs out and go have some fun jammin'! In the end, guitar is about enjoyment, so go out and enjoy yourself.

If you want direction, I would advise learning some technique such as legato, alternate picking, and practice improvising over some songs.
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Quote by beavers333
I dont care if I cant play songs right away, I really want to get a good basis down.

There's really no reason not to start learning songs. As long as you are learning songs reasonably within your skill range it's a great way to practice the techniques you are learning without the tediousness. Also, actually playing a song is a skill of it's own, and you'll find that there are things you need to do that practicing scales and chord changes doesn't teach you (moving around the fretboard, strum patterns, etc etc).
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Pick one song at the time and practice it until you can play it, repeat.
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