yeah flynn was great. Would have to be a toss up between alf stuart and jesse. Jesse was a great ruffnut and alf is a top bloke.
yeah jesse was great brought alot of anger to the show, great guy remindes me of a guy i go to school with yeaj his name is heath.
lmao, flathead was a gun. he kept kids in order. aslo my favpurite quote was "strooth alsa" by alf stuart. Do u remember Vinnie mate?
um well Alf is a legend but i stiil think Pippa is the greatest charcter the show will ever see..... now another topic whos ur favourite neighbours character mines gotta be Karl Kennedy or lou
There was a bass in home and away...once

Sally was in a band with noah called indiffernce. who was the bass player?

i think tammin sursoak's character attempted playing at one point in her early days.
Then they decided it would add more depth to her character if she just wore less clothes and went swimming in a bikini more.

Why are there no more hotties on home and away...there's a few alright girls but no one worth killing your mother over.

Also weren't there 2 flynns - the original dude was much cooler