I need to save some youtube video's for a school assignment. I intend to use to clips to make a movie (so telling me to copy and paste the link is not helpful). Does anyone know of any programs that can do this?
zillatube. it's decently fast but it's only free for the first couple downloads. HOWEVER, you can copy the setup/installer and re-install it and get a couple more free downloads. It actually works unlike half the crap that's out there to try and rip vids off youtube and everything else. good luck man.
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If you use firefox,. look for a plugin called videodownloader. Otherwise use Google. Its magic - you put in "youtube downloader" and **** loads of results come up! Who'd have thought it?!
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zamzar.com - google it
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either www.keepvid.com

or you can grab the vid from ur cache if you've already downloaded it from the main site
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