Is there a handheld system/pda that will let me surf the web and get on aim through a regular wireless internet system? Really the only thing I use my computer for is getting on here, and talking to friends on aim/myspace. My computer is crapping out and I cant ask for anything that expensive for my b-day and Christmas. Any ideas? Thanks.
ipod touch, iphone or sidekick
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ipod touch, iphone or sidekick

I'm pretty sure the iPod touch I could just get right on the internet, but i dont see anything on the apple website about there being aim on there.
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I have a PRS. That is why I cant afford a computer. lol. That took a lot of lawn cutting to get. But I found this site called flick.im which you can go to on your iPhone and use aim instant messenger. Just incase anyones else wants to know.
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Chances are a cell phone that can do that costs as much as a low-budget laptop with a built-in wireless card and lots more.
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