I need to write a 3-5 page essay in the style of Herman Mellville (moby Dick). I need to describe an attribute of an object. I an doing the feeling of shag carpet.

My question is, do I need to write my introductory paragraph in his style? I am going to relate carpet to comfort, fluffy feelings, danger, horror, and gloom. I have no idea how to do my introductory paragraph. Any help is appreciated.
Unfortunately, I have to read this out loud. He would stop me before I finished the first line.

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but it would be funny huh
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If I'm honest I've never read Moby Dick. If it's in his style though, I'd guess your introduction has to be the same. Just look at how he structures the sentences (what type of sentence does he use for example) and word choice, and you can't go far wrong.
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"Call me Gunther."

Haha! You are amazing. I've now got my first line. "Call me carpet"