Which one should I get? Now, this is a broad as **** question. A broad as holy **** question and I have a lot of comments on it...

Firstly, I play metal.It's going to be what I want to play in front of friends and what I like to play alone. I do enjoy noodling in Blues, Jazz, classic rock, and what have you. I find it's good to reach outside of one genre.

Secondly, once I get this amp, I don't want to upgrade it for a WHILE. Right now I am electric-guitarless. I'm doing a ton of research/saving for a good amp/guitar as my starter thing while I learn on acoustic. I'm going to get an Agile-AL2000 as my guitar. It's cheap, yes, but I would much rather get the expensive ass amp purchase out of the way and then just collect the guitars I want (I want to play and collect...and that Agile is gonna be my first electric and then I'm just gonna build up my collection of guitars/pedals).

So, the price range.

Well, I want it to be a damn good amp, and I can't stress enough that I want it to be REALLY good so that upgrades on the amp are minimal.

I'm willing to spend an upwards of up to 1.25k. This is a lot, and I'll save for nearly-forever, but I truly believe it'll be worth it.

So what do I know right now? Here are some popular higher end things I keep hearing. Peavey 5150s. I have no idea which to get, the combo, the head, or cabinets or what?

Mesa Boogies I've heard a lot as well.

So here's the biggest problem. I know nothing about AMPs, except that tube = better, more wattage = louder, and more speaker = louder.

Help me out? Thanks in advance.
I'm not an expert on the subject, but more wattage does not necessarily mean more volume, nor do more speakers create more volume. I think more speakers give you more bottom end, but don't quote me on that.
As far as amps go, if you want a versatile amp, I hear that the mesa F series are pretty good, but if you really wanna go all out, a mark IV would be sublime. Hope I helped

EDIT: There ARE other companies outside of Mesa, I just had Mesa on my mind.
Peavey 5150/6505 won't give you much blues noodling, it's all-out gain and bad cleans.

Maybe a JSX or an Engl of some variety, maybe a Laney.
Can't be said enough: Laneys make the amps. Mesa Boogie is also quite good, but I prefer Laney. Can get every sound I ever heard with mine, rough said.
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Depending on your location, ENGLs might be quite the good suggestion.
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Hmm...alrighty so Laney's, ENGLs, Mesas and all that higher stuff...

Would you guys recomend a stack or a combo?

I was thinking of getting a combo, a decently watted one withotu any real effects and I'd hook up a bunch of pedals...

Also, I forgot something INCREDIBLY important. I need a practice amp...

Should I just get a Solid State, like a Line 6 Spider or something for around three, four hundred or something? That "practice" amp would be my first one and I'd say for the big one as my next guitar-related purchase.

Anyways, thanks in advance.
1.25k what? dollars? potatos? rupees?

As for the practise amp. I think Vox AD15VT XL would be the best. Don't bother with a Roland Cube, although lots of people like it, I personally find it really boring.

Same goes with Line6 spiders.

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1.25k Canadian, though I'm willing to save more. Right now I'm just saving to get the guitar and the practice-y amp.
Hmm, it looks good but it doesn't seem to have a headphone jack...unless I'm stupid. Like I said I'm new to ampage and stuff...is there like a guide on it? xD
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1.5 canadian is only close to 1000$ correct?

Actually the Canadian dollar is slightly higher than the American dollar right now...they're about equal though.
maybe a engl combo? powerball i think
or a mesa boogie 5:50 combo, heard great stuff about them
a 5150 would be great too
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