Hi, I just finished buying a Boss MD-2 yesterday and it just wasnt doing it for me. Im looking to get a Queens of The Stone Age/Muse kinda sound (when they use distortion and such) I've heard many people say that you cant go wrong with the DS-1 I havent played around with it, so I dont know all the different levels of distortion it can obtain. Also i've heard that the Metal Muff was another great distortion pedal (although from the samples ive heard online, are a bit too metal for my taste) Other than those, I havent heard much USER feedback from other pedals. But the following look like good choices after I did a little bit more research online

Digitech Hot Rod
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Boss OS-2
Proco Rat
and the Boss Grunge

So basically, Im asking which out of the 7 pedals mentioned (or others that might fit this category that were not mentioned) would give me the most versatility.

Also, my budget is around $100. Thanks for the help.
look into a fuzz pedal if you want matt bellamy's tone from muse...i'll tell you that the hot rod and the blues driver, and the OS-2 probably won't get you what you need....i dont know about the proco or the grunge cuz i havent been able to hear them
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Also what amp are you using, you may be at the point where it isn't cost effective to keep throwing pedals at a sub-par amp.
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Im using a MG100 (lesson well learned after that buy). So for the time being (until I can figure a way to get rid of it) thats what I'll be using.
I don't recommend the DS 1, it's a pretty noisy pedal.
I'm pretty sure muse and QOTSA use more fuzz that distortion btw.
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
I know the quick-fix that is buying a distortion pedal sounds appealling at the moment, but you should really sell that amp on ebay (you'll probably get a decent amount), then look into another amp.

Of course this depends on your situation and how much money you have, but I'd buy a used valve combo of some sort and then spend whatever money I had left on a good distortion or OD pedal (in my experience no lower-wattage valve amps have good distortion).

Maybe look into the Laney LC15r, and if muse tones are what you're after, check out the ZVEX Fuzz Factory
Yeah, I have someone looking to buy the amp for about $500, Im thinking about saving up 200 more and buying a tube. Anyone have some suggestion as to what kinda tube amp I should get? I was reading up on the forums last night and some suggestions were the Fenders Blues Delux, Fender Hot Rod Delux, and the AC15's. Im looking to get at least 30w though.

As for the Pedal, I think im going to go for the Metal Muff, and a either a Boss Grunge or a Big Muff, I'll try em out at guitar center today whenever I get the chance.