what do you guys think of them? my drummer has a PA in our practice space and a grunge pedal to run through it because i didnt have an amp there, but it sounds really horrible, ive since got an amp there and ive tried it through the amp, and it sounds just as horrible. Has anyone had good experience with this pedal? because imho, i think its all bad, and does anyone have any good settings for it?
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never used the digitech version but the DOD Grunge pedal was ****ing ridiculous.
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yea.. the grunge was about as gainy as a metal zone but only has a bass and treble option.
if you're stuck with it, try to keep the bass at 4-5 the treble at 3 and the gain and level to taste.. i'm guessing you're already using the mixer out option too?
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Actually grunge music is horrible...
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But yeah... Not a great pedal. The only digitech single effect I like is the Screamin blues or bad monkey.
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I have one...it's okay, probably better pedals out there.
The "grunge" knob doesn't really change the sound at all.
Not really versatile...the only decent tone I get is with the lows and highs cranked all the way up.
And the volume knob is WAY too sensitive.