for someone whos just beginning to learn guitar. what guitar would you recommend thats $200 or less? I saw one at walmart for $100. are those any good? It didnt sound very strong.

muscianfriend.com has 2 defferent electric/acoustic for $100. would that type of guitar be best since it can play both types or does the amp mean that the acoustic sound gets amped.

do you have to buy pedals for an electric to get the heavy metal sound? or can it be done without them?
I can't answer the question about which guitar to get until I know how much you're willing to spend and how serious you are about the guitar. No, Walmart guitars are not good (they're horrible, actually), but you don't need a good guitar to start with. Just something to get you used to playing, and to make sure that playing guitar is something you really want to do. As far as which type of guitar to get, just get whichever type you prefer. Also, you can get "the heavy metal sound" (distortion) without distortion pedals if your amp has distortion built in, but if you're just starting out, it'd be better to hold off on the distortion for a while.