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Mark IV
14 61%
7 30%
2 9%
Voters: 23.
So I've been looking around at amps, and I've spotted two in local stores I'm really interested in. They're both a good deal for around here, and they're the only amps in the stores near me that suit my interest.

One is A Peavey 5150 half stack for AU$1700, and the other is a 1992 Mesa Mark IV combo, for AU$1900. Both of these amps are used, but appear to be in good condition.

What I am looking for, first and foremost, is a good, strong metal rhythm tone, and clear leads. That said, I don't want an amp that can do ONLY brutal metal sounds, which I have heard some people say about the 5150. I'm not a big user of cleans, but I want to be able to get a somewhat-decent clean/OD sound as well.

From my experience, and various internet clips, I seem to prefer the 5150's metal tone, but the Mark IV is far more versatile

Also, a stack is more than I need now, and would be annoying to transport. On the other hand though, I don't need to worry about upgrading in the future.

I'm currently using a Gibson SG with humbuckers, and a cruddy 15W practice amp, and it's definately time for an upgrade.

Also, being old, could the age of the Mark IV be an issue?

Any help would be appreciated, as I need to know as soon as I can, because these are popular music stores and someone else will definitely buy these if I don't get one first.
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that is SOME upgrade...

practice amp - > Pro gigging amp.

GOod luck with it
Mark4 all the way. Its head and shoulders over a 5150 in my opinion.
For those who care.
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Mark IV hands down, infintely more versatile.
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Go the Mark IV IMO, although you could probably get a cheaper amp with a distortion pedal to play the stuff like Fall Out Boy and My Chem that you're into.
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