I got a Washburn Acoustic....recently, i dont know it's because of the weather change or sth..it starts to buzz a lot...mainly on third fret. So..i wanted to adjust the neck a bit through that truss rod thing...but strangely..i can't get the truss rod to move at all...it seems to be really really tight...i know it isn't normal cuz i have another acoustic, and the truss rod on that guitar is not nearly as tight as the one on the washburn...

anyone here have similar experience or know what the problem might be???

i would take it to the shop n have them check it out cus u might screw something up bad

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If you're calling it "that truss rod thing" then you shouldn't be touching it.

noobish question.. but since we are on the subject... what do we call it?
. . . a truss rod.

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