Depends on the model mate, as its probably a crappy entry level; but if its your first acoustic, go for it :P
Cort M800 - £320
Cort MR780FX - £220
which model, because the 250-300+ guitars are really nice

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my friend has one that she paid about $1000 for, and she absolutely loves it, she stopped playing electric for a while cuz she found a new love for it
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Cool, hopefully it'll be one of those...


Nah, I just wanted to know how wide the range was really; i.e. are the low end ones really bad and high end ones stupidly good or are the 2 ends closer together so the low end ones are pretty good and the high end ones are really good - something like that because I know with Yamaha that there's a ridiculous amount of difference between the good and the bad
You could try ringing him/her and asking what model it is..
I was planning on it after geting back from college and thought I'd try and find out whether or not the low end ones are worth the hassle while I cannot ring him/her...
yeah, it all depends on the model, but i think that there are better guitars out there than ibanez in pretty much every price range.
Ok, i'm thinking it's this one:


which loks to be the cheapest of the cheap. I'm going round to see it anyway but does anyone know of any problems with them not lasting? Breaking? Etc.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, dreadnought bodies give a nice bass-y boom kind of sound yeah? If so that may sway me cos that's the kind of thing I want - a bassy groovy kind of sound
well the features and everything on that guitar are very comparable to any similarly priced acoustic-electric. ibanez acoustic-electrics are somewhat known for having problems with the pickups and preamps though. they definitely are not the most reliable systems.
I detest Ibanez guitars. The guitar Ibanez makes that doesn't make me cringe is the Artcore AF105. Even then, I'd rather have a Gretsch.

Their acoustics make me throw up a little in my mouth. Sorry, but I can't stand Ibanez.
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I was in and out of there within 2 minutes. 1 minute of that was them struggling with the bag and another 30 seconds of it was me apologising for wasting their time. Had to scrub my hands when I got home...

Hehe, nah - it felt like a £10 guitar though. The neck felt horrificly plasticy and the sound was awful. Ah wellm there's always next time