i need to rehabilitate my left hand. When i bend my pinky - my ring finger wants to go along for the ride...it just does not stay straight. Any way of working on this?

and after practicing a bunch How does your pinky react now when you play?
My pinky does tend to move a bit of a way away from the fret board whenever it's not in use; bad habit from being self-taught but it used to be worse.
I have been able to start fixing the problem simply by playing chromatics and such at very slow speeds and concentrating on breaking/re-training my muscle memory.
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my pinky always does what i tell it =]
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Never noticed that before. My left pinkie (or little finger to those of us in the UK) is much more independent than the one on the right. I reckon it's just practice. I stretch my fingers a bit throughout the day (sideways to improve reach) and use one of those grip thingies that you can do individual fingers on but I'm not sure what difference it actually makes above practicing.

I would have thought the best practice would be playing scales etc.