I am customising and sexing up my old les paul copy, and I have a few questions about replacing the nut.

Firstly, I was wondering if there is a "right" way of getting the old one out. It is only a cheap plastic one, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about removing it. I didn't want to just yank it out and possibly do some damage

Secondly, what is the best kind of nut to get as a replacement? I see lots of different ones around made of all sorts of things, and I don't know which would be the best, if there is even such a thing as the 'best' kind. Also, how would I go about fixing the new one in? I only ask because it seems to me there must be different ways (ie different glues) depending on what it is made out of.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for any help
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I applaud your caution. Many people would just dive right in and not worry about damage. Then have to deal with the mess, later.

Scoring with a razor knife along the edges is usually a good start. Then grabbing the old nut with some pliers, rocking gently will usually break the adhesive on nuts that only contact on 2 surfaces.

If it's an inlaid nut, things are a bit more difficult. Most "copy" guitars don't have an inlaid nut, but the first link below discusses that, just in case:



Bone or Ivory are classic choices. They're extremely hard, and great for tone, but difficult to work and expensive. Synthetic materials like tusq are a good choice. Less expensive, but still quite hard and couple the tone well. Graphtech makes some nuts that are extremely low friction, for those using trems, although I doubt your LB copy has a Bigsby.

The second link discusses shaping and filing a nut blank. Since it's unlikely you'll find a nut with the exact height you need, the techniques there will be useful.

Good luck,
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