Hello riffs and recordings regulars.

I'm working on a folk song at the moment, and would appreciate some ideas for the bass and electric guitar lines.

At the moment I've got the electric guitar on clean with loads of chorus, like people do, playing the jangly parts. This is boring, and I want to get rid of that.

The bass is just playing the root notes.

So, any ideas would be appreciated.

I'm not bothered about production details, this is just a sketch.

Cheers, and it's on me profile
Did you find that the 3/4 time was difficult to work with after your punk songs, or do your punk songs also involve 3/4 time sigs?
I didn't consciously say "I'm gonna write in 3/4", it just turned out that way.

It's pretty easy to get your head around different time signatures, especially 3/4 because it's fairly common, the only hard thing is when they change mid-song, like "Money" by Pink Floyd.
What about keeping the jangly parts and just overdubbing them with riffs and licks?
that's the basic plan, but I need to do it sparsely.

At the moment, I'm having a play along and trying to find various musical ideas that would augment the blank canvas that is this song well.
Mate, what about recording it with some electric guitar in the choruses to give it some oomph?