i have a fender stratocaster and the body where the neck is looked cracked so i took it to the local music store and he said it was where the guy before me tighten the bolts to tight and it pressure cracked the paint. the crack goes all the way around where the neck sets will this be damageing or effect the guitar playing at all? and what do i need to do to fix it?
if it's just the paint then i dont think it matters. Obviously if the guitars cracked, you're probably looking at a new guitar
Do you mean ON the body, yes ? buy a new body.
Depending on where, how and size and stuff, it can affect playing and your tone and stuff.
the crack in the paint is right along where the neck and the body are bolted together
Well, is it just the paint? Or is it like deep in the wood? Pictures would be appreciated.
it dont look deep it actually looks like just the paint is cracked it dont look deep at all like the guy actually tightened the bolds to tight and it cracked the paint but i dont have pic yet i can have then to u around 12 im at school and ill post them when i get home
i took the neck off andi do believe it is the paint so im good but if any one has a maple neck i would love to have it but iwont fender
I think I know what you're talking about, my strat (squier) has the same thing and I've seen it a lot on used strats. I don't think it's from tightening the bolts too tight, mainly because I don't think that many people have had to tighten their guitar necks. It's from people pushing forward on the neck while pushing against it with the upper horn of the body while playing to get a whammy bar effect and it cracks at the point of least support, right there at the neck pocket where the wood is thinnest.

Seems pretty stupid to me, since a new bar at any music store is under $10, and most strats are built with floating bridges, why mangle your guitar like that?? I've seen guitar players in clubs do the same with Les Pauls, SGs, you name it. I don't let them touch my guitars...

In most cases it's not deep enough to cause any serious damage to the guitar body, mine was that way when I got it and was the only thing that made me think twice about buying the guitar. I was pretty sure it wouldn't cause problems, and I can fix it if it does, so I decided to chance it. So far I've been playing it around 10 or 12 years with no problems at all, great sounding guitar and plays really good. About the only thing I've done is replace the volume and tone pots a while back when they went south and swapped the pickguard, my avatar is a picture of it now. Originally it had a plain white pickguard. Other than those things it's been standard maintenance...

Sorry I don't have time to get a pic of it, gotta be outta here in a few minutes, but this is cracks along the side of the neck pocket, running at a slight angle into the curves going to both horns. I've seen lots of strats with those and I really wish people would just get a whammy bar and quit mangling their guitars...
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yea thx man that makes alot of sence... but i peeled a little of the paint away lastnight and the wood wasnt cracked i think it might be the paint but mine had a whammy bar