Well I'm new with guitar pro and I have the tabbed solo of Muse's Citizen Erased (maybe you recognize) And I want to write it out in Guitar Pro 5 (so I can hear every note etc.) But I have a couple of questions: what does |__3__| and |______6_______| etcetra mean ?
Can I notate this in GP: whammy -3 8ves. Is whammy effect possible ?
Thanks anyway, sorry if this message hasn't got anything to do with pwoooper grammer I'm dutch
|_3_| denotes triplets? I think. That kind of thing.
Whammy effect is possible. I has seen it. Check out some GP files on this site for some songs that you know contain whammy riffs and the like. That should probably be able to show you how to notate it all better than anyone could really try to explain.
It's the button next to bend. You can use that for whammy bar effects, and probably for whammy pedal too.
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thanks. oh and 1 more question: How do I put spaces between notes -----

Use the button next to the button you use to combine notes. It looks like a rest (quarter note).
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.
Next time, use the only powertab and guitar pro help thread stickied at the top of this forum.

But yes, |___3___| is a Triplet, |___6___| is a Hexlet and so on. Like so.

Thats what It'd look like in Guitar Pro.

Tremolo effects, or "Whammy" for slang, Is as follows.

Select the tremolo bar icon.

Define the pitch you want to raise/decend to. Remember, you can add on many dives and returns by clicking on the graph over to the right. you can also make a vibrato by clicking on the line you want vibrated.

And there's your result. Now if you play, The effect will be there.

EDIT: Goddamn it. It took me an hour to do this because I forgot about it being open haha.
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