alright our band is having our first show, gonna be great but the only problem is we got a so-cal style punk going on and we're playing with a whole bunch of ska kids.

We can't play covers we want like verbal abuse or the adolescents coz they don't listen to any of that and most of them don't even know who black flag or bad brains are.

Our drummer is the only one who is in to that other than that me and the vocalist don't have a clue. We might play left over crack or maybe thrift shop junkie from the voodoo glow skulls. But I really don't want to do anything that doesn't sound like us.

If you got any suggestions for songs that would be awesome
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that's our myspace. Forgive me for my ****ting guitar skills and the lack of good quality recording.

We're gonna play with some ska bands like stik figure, off duty ninjas, and dave and the dead.

I;ll get the links of these bands later so you can get a taste.

Besides being friends and having connections with people in the other bands i realy don't know why we are even there.
IIIIIIIIIIIIIII ain’t got no respect!
For people that are politically correct
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you should play Little Bitch by the specials

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F 'em. Play the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the UK"

What kind of Ska kids haven't heard of Black Flag or Bad Brains? Most Ska kids listen to at least a bit of punk.

Anyway, you should write your own songs. If you haven't written enough songs for a full set, you're not ready to play shows.
^I played a show with my first band when all we knew was a cover of Teenage Lobotomy, a cover of Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers and two really ****ty made up songs. We actually got a good reception. That's tr00 p0nx except for playing Otherside. For the ska cover defiantly play Little Bitch.
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