Hi, I've been selling alot of stuff the last weeks to afford new gear (guitar and amp). My problem is that I live in Norway, and guitars (and alot of other stuff too) cost waaaay more than in the USA, and I don't wanna waste my money on something half-assed that I'll be replacing quicker than cake, so therefore I've been looking around on american guitar stores. I've seen quite alot of good prices, but none of the stores I've seen are shipping to Norway. I've got a budget of about $1500, where about 370 will disappear in VAT and another 200 in shipping if I was to buy from USA, but it'd still be much cheaper.

Anyways, I guess what I'm asking for here is advice. What should I do? I currently have a Squier Showmaster and a Roland Microcube, but I want to step up, and with that much money (well it's much to me) I want to buy something that'll last a while, something mid/high range. Should I just screw my plans about buying from USA? Should I buy from Norway? (1 USD = 5.49 NOK. An Epiphone Explorer for example goes for 5000-6000 NOK -- you get the idea)

Aaargh what should I do, it's driving me nuts.
Heh, I'm in just the same situation as you are (Norge suger for gitarister) Vil anbefale deg å kikke på www.musikkweb.no for bruktgitarer, veldig mye bra der.
Yep. Used. www.sound1.com

What also works is you find a guitar you want and then pick it up while travelling. You'll need to be sure you want the guitar, though, and you won't have an easy time getting your money back should you regret the choise.
I'm a communist. Really.
Because we have to import the guitars from further away I 'spose? Also, it's because the stores can afford charging us more as we have a lot of money here... And VAT (I think that's what it's called) is 25%...
So is it all import tax? If so thats bullsh**. Its like the Tea Tax back in the day.....
Oh no, it's not all that. It's also because we're dumb enough to pay what they ask for at the stores