Hi, Iv'e been playing guitar for a few years, and now i want a new guitar. I mostly play Punk Rock and Metal. I wonder guitar would fit for me? I have thought about a Gibson SG and Fender Jaguar.
i'd say the SG if you play metal more than punk, because you'll get better top access and single coil's won't really be able to cut it.
SG would be suitable for metal with humbucker pick-ups.
BC Rich and Dean / Washburn guitars are also very good for metal.
Les paul's if you have the money but if not then maybe an epiphone copy.
But that dude alreaddy owns an SG why need another?

I'd say go for an Les Paul.

Whts your money budget?
What's with the humbucker whoring people!?

Single Coils do hi-gain and punk just fine: hell, my favorite pickup for drop D is my Tele's neck SINGLE COIL.

For punk rock a lot of people say humbuckers but truth is many of the greatest artists in punk, pop-punk, etc. used Fenders, Gretch, and Rickys with *gasp* singles...

Oh and Jags are bad @$$. Jazzmaster might be even better given that P-90s are higher output with more low-end punch but retaining the high end sparkle of single coils (better at least). Oh and look into some of the less expensive Gretch instruments like the Electromatic , Electromatic 2, or Pro Jet. These guitars are awesome and will probably get some attention from the budding musicians in the audience because they'll wonder what the F#ck it is because it wasn't made (or at least popularized) by Fender or Gibson. Some of their models come with DeArmond USA pickups too, which BTW, are godly.
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Iv'e got about 1300

I'd go for the SG or a Gibson LP Studio.
What amp do you have?
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I have a Laney hardcore 9"

I'd say get a new amp first.
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yeah maybe i should but i put the guitar in highest priority right now. I don't use my amp that much, the guitar do i use with my band more often, and we play with the schools gear.