Ever so sweet - the early november

its a good song to play around campfire for chicks super easy to play and easy to sing
Theres been heaps of threads on good songs for beginners to learn. Try searching the forums.
It would also help to give us an idea what style of music you're into. Especially just starting out you want things you enjoy playing, and if we have no idea what you like, you 'll get everything from Beatles and Stones to Metallica...

But yeah, search the forums first, I see "what songs do I learn" threads almost daily.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
Any green day is easy, really. Good Riddance is one of my favourites to play on an acoustic.
My first song I played was Good Riddance. A real simple but real fun song is Nothing Else Matters - Mettalica or try some Let That Be Enough - Switchfoot.

Real simple songs to learn.
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