I have an Ibanez SA220FM with stock pickups, and wonder if i could install some passive Emg's in it. If i can, would it be better if a professional did the job? How much would it cost?
Ah, knowing guitar shops.... their probably gonna be pretty pricey with that. I could imagine that they would charge you enough that you could buy another pick up even. Anyway... it sounds like you havent done any mods yet, which is fine...nothing wrong with that. I certainly would Not discourage unexperienced modders to try installing pickups for the first time, cause not only do I think most any one can do it... but its a good skill to have. If your relatively competent with a soldering iron, wiring and whatnot, I would say go for it. Sure theres the possibility of becoming frustrated and whatnot but I would suggest it... Saves a lot of $$$

But if you feel uncomfortable, thats completely understandable as well.