Last summer I went to London with a friend...
Had a great time visiting all the sightseeing and off course Denmark Street!

BUT the best thing is yet to come...

We walked our ass of and well.. finally we ended up in THE Hyde-Park...
It's enormous and if you think about the fact that the entire (???) park was crouded during the Live 8 concert it was propably an enormous experience

Like any touristic place also this one had some information signs and things...
And by showing this one I want to let you understand why London-ers are the best people in the world:

I mean...
Come one... GREAT TITS!!!
Who creates those names!?!
And then the description:

Are common on bird-feeders (eeehm... do they all have great tits?)
During the colder months (only then?:O)
Listen out to their call, which sound like 'Teacher, Teacher' (Sure all watch for those calls!... I mean... they're calling for a teacher )
It's one of the first signs of spring (yes... tight shirts and stuff )
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Bet I do!...
You wouldn't find these kind of information in Holland!
Although Holland is known as a country where you could find those information
But well... just wanted to share them with all you UG-people
What does this have to do with Londoners? They're called that all over the world...
<Dobzilla> because "when you were born, they thought yo' momma shit herself."
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Yeah but do they have those signs?
Do they warn you again to look around? :P

And in Holland their name is pretty dull...: Koolmeesje (Cabbage eeehm... meesje:P)
Still not as bad as naming the disney woodpecker "Woody"
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There's not just Great tits, my friend. There be blue tits, coal tits, many other types of tit.

And then there's the blue footed booby.

Ooow I also like that last one
Blue footed booby... although it sounds like some mystical creature
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It exists, trust me, lol

What's it like :P?
And are there any signs telling you this or not:P?
Don't forget the sea-birds, the shag has long been a favourite of mine.
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