Hey guys (and gals)!

I've been playing for roughly 7 months and am looking for advice on a new guitar. Basically 7 months ago a group of mates and I decided it was a really really really good idea to form a band despite only one of us actually knowing how to play an instrument (lead guitar).

Needless to say, we'd had a bit to drink...

We borrowed guitars/bass/drums and set ourselves the task of playing a gig in 6 months time. We did that and it went well. Really well. So now we've all got the bug and I'm looking to get a decent guitar to replace the basic one I've been using. It's one of those ones you generally get with a starter pack (a very basic Fender). It's fine to a point but the sound is poor compared to others I've used and I get massive feedback no matter how far I am from the amp.

We play Indie-rock mostly with some classic rock and some metal songs. I play rhythm (mostly) but with delusions of playing lead .

Done a bit of research and I like the sound of the PRS SE (Tremonti and Single cut) models. They seem good for the job and the type of music we play. I wondered if anyone has any other recommendations or if they could give me a bit more feedback on the PRS models in practice.

I know they have wide necks which could be a problem as I have relatively small reach.

Any help greatly appreciated guys.
i have the prs tremonti and i really like it - i probably play it as much as my american telecaster - its really versatile guitar and plays really well.
Your going to get a lot of fat strat recommendations just to warn you
Yeah, if you're going to be playing indie rock and metal, a PRS sounds pretty good. An Epiphone Les Paul might suit you too, it sounds good for most types of music.
Cheers guys - what a response!

Looks like my "stumble over a pretty guitar and then check it out on the internet" method has triumphed. Reckon I'll go into town and try both out to compare the sound and check how playable the neck is. The guy in the shop reckoned that the wide neck shouldn't be a problem.

Alyxmelia, I don't think a custom neck is an option. The neck (as far as I know) is fixed so would be a major job. The expense would probably ensure it wasn't worth the effort.

As an afterthought - the Tremonti has dual volume and tone (for the 2 pickups) while the singlecut has just one volume. Any thoughts on whether this addition will make a huge difference to me (probably not with my playing now but could be useful as I get more advanced).