So I'm thinking about getting aDunlop Original Crybaby but I will be using it with a Digitech Grunge pedal but the thing is my Amp (vox ad50vt) as an auto wah on it and when i use my distortion pedal it affects the auto wah in a bad way, it's like instead of kind of sounding like it's crying it sounds like it's screaming it's freakin' lungs out. So I was wondering if the distortion pedal will affect the wah wah pedal if I buy it.
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I actually think my crybaby sounds better with distortion, you should try it out: by changing distortion you can alter the sound of a wah quite a lot.
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If its before the distortion the wah won't be affected as much. After the distortion (which I prefer) it has a dramatic effect.
i have both a digitech grunge and an original crybaby. there is no efect at all. the wah is just a little cleaner if you run it before the distortion opposed to running it after
I personally run it before the distortion.Still haven't try it after though..
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