I recently order a Ibanez RG1527 and EMG 81-7, 60-7 from Guitar Center. Got the guitar 3 weeks ago, got the pups Saturday. I took the guitar and pups to the local music store where I have one of the guitar tech always work on my guitars. Hes telling me he has to router the pots round edges and make them square for the EMG's to fit, which mean he has to take the guitar apart entirely to do it, then put it back together with the EMG's. I had no idea the EMG;s wouldn't fit in the guitar without moding the pots! IM getting it done anyways, but that sucks he has to take apart my brand new guitar. Anyone elese ever run into this problem with 7 string EMG's or RG1527?
Just the pots? He will have to route out the pickup cavities as well. I hope he knows that.

EMG 7 strings don't fit in passive pickup cavities, only the phase 1 seymour duncan blackouts will(in terms of active pickups)
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Yeah, hes gonna route out the pickup cavities too. I trust him, and hes a pro, but damn, my beautiful new 7 string is gonna be a Frankenstein! Im not too owrried though.
Over the years I've seen a lot of Ibanez 7 strings that have strange routings. for most of them, just about any pickup (passive or active) will need to have some modification to the body. Thats life I guess.
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